Why “Our Vintage Nest” blogger chose Rosalie by England Furniture

A favorite among many interior decorators is the Rosalie sofa. With its elegant rolled arms and wooden legs, this sofa has a lot of character. It comes with cushions that are upholstered on both sides, which gives you the ability to flip cushions. Something Alicia from Our Vintage Nest really appreciated with her Rosalie sofas were the details. She wrote on her blog how her sofas from the Rosalie Collection from England Furniture has a classic look, with just the right curves. She also mentioned how happy she was with the choice of fabric.

For Alicia’s home, she chose the fabric called Benavento Linen, which is not only a pretty color, but she also describes how she requested her fabric to be scotch guarded and how it really worked to protect from stains. Alicia had already experienced a few accidents, as a mom of two, and spills came up with ease. This sofa comes with the opportunity to choose from over 400 fabrics, so you can find just the color that suits your needs the best.

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