The Design Twins Incorporate a Bold Pattern

Balancing an accent wall and bold chairs is no easy feat. The Design Twins, tell us on their blog why they chose England Furniture. For them it came down to quality and style choice. Twins Julie and Jodie mention how England Furniture offers one of the best furniture warranties and how important it was for them that England Furniture is made in America. On their blog, they show how to make the hot new décor trends work by using the Tara Sofa and the Singleton Arm chairs from England Furniture.

The Tara Sofa gives a casual style while its tall tapered wood leg give it a more modern look. They paired this modern and casual sofa with two Singleton Arm chairs with the Mara Blue pattern, which they thought was a bold design move. As the saying goes, “the greater the risk the greater the potential is for reward!” The petite scale of the Singleton Arm chair is the perfect choice if you don’t want the chair to impact your personal space.

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