England Furniture Explores 2016 Living Room Design Trends

England Furniture cares about American-made quality furniture that reflects current design styles.  This article explores some of the hottest living room design trends for 2016.

Rose Quartz and Serenity

The 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year, the pastel pink Rose Quartz and the powder blue Serenity may initially feel too sugary sweet as a combination.  Pantone, and others, have suggested otherwise and how the pairing is in fact part of a more unilateral approach to color – a uniformed, blending of two traditional colors associated with gender.   You’re not locked into these two particular colors, but pastel and lighter hues of pink and blue are popular right now.

Floral Fabrics and Prints

This year is a time to do a “shout out” to some of Grandma’s design sensibilities.  A number of interior designers are showing off big blossoms and flowers and embracing all of those blooming granny floral prints.

England Furniture 2016 Designs - Big Florals
England Furniture Angie Sofa with Abby Beige fabric and Derry Basil throw pillows


Organic Design

2016 was the year we’ve seen the decline of plastic in favor of a return to natural-looking environments.  Furniture that showcase handsome pieces of wood are increasingly popular and they are brought into rooms that display various shades of brown and green, as well as natural elements such as greenery and flowers.


England Furniture 2016 Designs - Wood Tables
England Furniture Concierge Wood Tables


Retro-Tech and Tech-Less

When it comes technology in your living room, there are two design approaches you can consider.  The first is retro-tech – a movement towards using technology (particularly televisions) as furniture.  Some companies, for example, have created flat screen TVs that rest on legs and resemble the TVs commonly found in living rooms from the 1950s and 1960s.  The second approach is tech-less.  This is an intentional approach to create family rooms and living rooms that are completely free of televisions and digital devices.  This “unplugged” approach demonstrates how a living room can look modern, sleek, and smart without the all the gadgets and devices.


Style is increasingly becoming more of a personal choice and a strong design trend seeks to help people to find furniture that is perfect for their individual lives, homes, and spaces. Online websites are a huge part of this trend as individuals can customize – and purchase – furniture online.  England Furniture has hundreds of fabric choices available to help you personalize your choices.  Be sure to visit our official England Furniture website to discover what styles are perfect for YOUR homes.







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