What Does Your Furniture Say About You?

Just like your fashion style or your taste in food, music, movies the furniture you choose says a lot about you. Do you prefer a traditional look or do you prefer a modern aesthetic?  What are you color choices?  Do you arrange this symmetrically or asymmetrically?  All the answers to these questions reveals a bit about your personality.

England Furniture loves to know who their customers are and what they love.  If we entered your living room what would we see and want to do you think your choices say about you?

England Furniture

3 thoughts on “What Does Your Furniture Say About You?

  1. Miquel Ofarrell says:

    It seems true of what they say that the living room design reflects the characteristics of the owners. Nice post.

  2. Adriana Acevedo says:

    The choices we make when it comes to styling and design says a lot about our personality. Good read.

  3. Daniel says:

    If you keep in mind while purchasing that your furniture says a lot about you it’s easier to pick the right piece. Good post

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