The Right Furniture Color for Your Lifestyle



Ever watch a movie or TV show and fall in love with the furniture? You know, beautiful stark white down couches with a white shag throw rug and glass top coffee table? It can look picture perfect, but if you duplicate the style in a house full of kids and Rover the family pooch, that look might last about thirty seconds. Maybe.

We all want to live in spaces that make us happy and we can more readily do that when we are realistic about our lifestyles and what comes with it. People who enjoy entertaining will have a hard time with furniture that can’t be lived in because spills and accidents happen in life. If you have kids or children visit often, creating an atmosphere that is comfortable for them will end up making your life easier, especially if they wander a little too close to your collection of first editions while sucking on a juice box.

The colors and accessories we choose for our rooms should complement our personalities and accent the things we love. Sometimes it’s safe to have the main furniture be a neutral color and then use pillows and blankets as colorful accents. If you love leather or dark furniture, then you can brighten the room with lighter shades of paint and bright lighting. No matter what you decide, look at your lifestyle and try to match it to your home décor.

We can still fawn over that white furniture, but parents might want to hold off until the kids are a little bit older.

Did you know that England Furniture offers stain-resistant fabrics?

Whether it’s dirty little hands, muddy paws, or a spilled glass of wine, life’s everyday messes happen. LiveSmart fabrics resist the stains made by these everyday accidents. With their moisture repellency and stain resistance, LiveSmart fabrics keep your furniture looking and feeling as beautiful as the day you bought it.

LiveSmart is:

  • Moisture repellent
  • Stain resistant
  • Designed for heavy duty wear
  • Barrier protection to keep your fabric clean


Revolution Performance Fabrics® by STI and Brentwood Textiles are true performance fabrics.  Woven with Olefin yarn, the fabrics are virtually unstainable, easy to clean, and extremely durable; yet beautiful and soft while also resistant to fading from the sun. Revolution Performance Fabrics® are made with upcycled fibers and have no chemical treatments making them easy on the environment.


Accents and Accessories that Pop


Over time, it’s easy to get bored with a room, but that doesn’t mean you need to toss everything out and start over. Sometimes a few changes can make the same furniture look completely different, fresh and new!

Where to start?

● Take a look at the room and decide what you love and what you can live without. This doesn’t mean it has to be gone forever, but simple swaps can create a whole new look.

● Look at your colors. If things have the same tone, it’s easy and fun to find a new color that you love to accent what you already have.

● Lastly, look at the arrangement. If the couch, chairs, and tables have been in the same place, just moving things around can open up space or make it a cozier set up. The options are limitless!

Now what?

● If you have dark colored furniture, brighten the room with throw pillows, small area rugs, a vase or even a new lampshade in a bright bold color like a vibrant red or gold.

● Make the changes subtle to make it all blend in while still making the room pop.

● Curtains are also a major focal point for each room. They accent the windows, which are kind of like the eyes of the room. Finding a color or pattern that gives the room a fresh look can make for a dramatic change.

● Don’t be afraid to move the furniture around and try different setups – you can always move it back if it doesn’t work, but you won’t know until you try.

● Mirrors can completely change the look of a room. It will not only make it appear larger, but it can often be the piece that pulls the whole look together.

Get more ideas from friends and magazines and have fun exploring with colors and patterns!

Warm Cozy Corners

Cozy Corners

Having a nice quiet corner for curling up with a good book can easily become your favorite space in your home. It can be achieved with ease in practically any size home.

  • If you have a window seat, this can quickly serve your purpose with pillows, a floor lamp and a stack of your favorite books or magazines, some knitting or anything that you want close at hand during your quiet time.
  • If you don’t already have a lounge or wing chair, find one that fits your space well with enough room for a lamp and end table. A small end table allows you a surface for your materials and perhaps a drink.
  • Cozy corners for kid’s rooms are also great, especially when they encourage reading. They may prefer a big bean bag chair, kids’ mini sofa, or simply a stack of pillows in a corner of their room.
  • For colder climates, a soft warm blanket can complete the look and create a lovely place to relax.


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England Furniture Bryce Sofa

Bryce’s casual contemporary sofa is a three over three design. Softness is evident from the pad over arm to the high fiber filled back. Overstuffed wings and toss pillows complete the feel. The non-welted seat cushions are reversible and perfectly complement the clean front rail. Front arm panels are accentuated with brass tacks above the tapered wooden legs. Matching loveseat, chair, sleeper and ottoman available from the England Furniture Company.

England Furniture Bryce Sofa

  • Width: 95″
  • Height: 40″
  • Depth: 39″