Living college life can be hard at times. College years typically mean little income and most students tend to live in a studio apartment due to concerns about costs.  This scenario means, of course, that your bedroom is also your living room. That can challenging when you want to entertain, but you don’t want to have to seat people on your bed.


england-furniture-monroe sleeper-sofas-03

England Furniture Monroe Sleeper Sofa

England Furniture has the perfect solution for this problem. With our high-quality sleeper sofa’s you can transform your apartment in seconds. When your guests come over you can easily fold up you bed and turn it into a beautiful comfortable sofa. You no longer have to be embarrassed to have anyone over due to lack of seating.  Now you can truly enjoy having company over. Our sleeper sofas range in size from twin mattresses to queen size mattresses. They also come in leather, fabric, or microfiber. With England Furniture’s variety of colors and styles you’re sure to find the England Furniture sleeper sofa that best fits your needs.


3 comments on “College Students Studio Apartment Solution

  1. Daniele Mcgowin

    Convertible sleeper sofa fits studio apartments perfectly and a good way to save space. Good read.

  2. Soila Hendry

    This sleeper sofa seems a great solution for those with limited space without sacrificing the comfort. Nice post.

  3. Sophia M.

    This would’ve been a great piece for my apartment when I was in college

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